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Build a new Minecraft map by Nvidia to help children's hospital

Build a new Minecraft map by Nvidia to help children's hospital

In the Minecraft game, Nvidia prepared a special plan to collect the benevolent donations of the players.

As the New Year approaches and Christmas approaches, Nvidia and Minecraft provide a fun and engaging experience with the theme of this great event, the ultimate goal of which is charitable activities. Consisting of more than 30 million Minecraft blocks with Christmas and snowy themes, this Winter Wonderland has been provided to users as a free map to provide a fun and entertaining experience for the end-of-year holiday, donating players to the hospital. Collect the children of Great Ormond Street London.

Nvidia was able to give a great effect to this spectacular design by making beautiful use of retrying technology. From a Santa Claus in their cave to food stalls and even a few small side missions, this map provides a complete story experience for the audience.

Minecraft Winter Wonderland map is a very impressive creation in Minecraft game that an expert needs 3,000 hours to create to complete the construction of this very large area of ​​38 hectares. This free map cleverly allows users to send their donations to the hospital using in-game mechanisms. For this purpose, a complete reconstruction of this hospital has been done in the Minecraft game map so that the players can visit it.

For those unfamiliar with the valuable activities of GOSH Hospital , the center provides research and treatment of rare diseases in children and provides a wide range of support services for them and their families. Donations from Minecraft users will be used for the same purposes and will definitely be worth the contribution.

The news of Minecraft game was very good this week. The total number of views of Minecraft videos made on YouTube exceeded 1 trillion, and it seems that this unstoppable phenomenon of Mojang Studio, in addition to receiving new content, will expand in the future with two new Minecraft games. So it is not surprising that Nvidia uses Mojang's popular work to connect with its large audience.

Minecraft is one of the greatest games ever made in the history of the video game industry. The huge community of Minecraft players and the incredibly diverse modes that keep them busy in this creative space are hard to find in almost any other game. You can download the Nvidia RTX Winter World map for free now and help Great Ormond Street Hospital if you wish .
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