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Nate Dogg: The availability and challenge of the game can coexist

Nate Dogg: The availability and challenge of the game can coexist

Nate Dogg Studio's senior systems systems designer recently had some interesting talk about how Accessibility does not conflict with the challenging nature of games.

Opponents of Accessibility ( making video games more accessible to respectable players with special physical or mental conditions) claim that having related options in the game makes the gameplay too easy. Now Matthew Glant, the chief game systems designer at Nate Dogg Studios, has given an interesting explanation. "Challenging games" and "game availability" are really independent of each other and can coexist, he says.

Eurogamer Media recently interviewed members of Insomniac Games and Nate Dogg about Accessibility. Because Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart from Insomniac Games Studios and The Last of Us Part II from NaughtyDog Studios both paid a lot of attention to Accessibility. Just a few days ago , new information was made available to everyone about Sony's promise to increase the availability of PlayStation games for certain gamers . "Accessibility," says Matthew Glant, "

"Setting a very easy difficulty level may remove obstacles for some players, but others want to choose the Grounded difficulty level (the highest difficulty level in The Last of Us series) or even enable the Permadeath option (end the game once). Die) go to experience it. "With the right choices in design, challenges and accessibility can be in harmony with each other in the game at the same time."

He explained that each game faces different challenges in accepting the right design and accessibility. That's why developers constantly need to evaluate the game and provide experimental experiences to make sure their game is accessible to a variety of people. He believes that paying attention to Accessibility is one of the most important parts of game design. Glant would like to see over the next decade that the availability of various accessibility options in games has become quite commonplace.

Nate Dogg and Insomniac Games talk to people with special needs to design accessibility options in games. But the story does not always end just for a gamer with a certain physical condition to be able to experience the game. Sometimes his encounter with someone like himself in the game world, if done correctly, has a chance to have a valuable emotional impact on him and many other human beings.

Brian Alger , one of the directors of Insomniac Games, explained that the studio believes that creating a world of different human beings and tangible characters is very important for different gamers. For example, in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we see a very good and deaf character named Healy Cooper , played by Natasha Afley ; A deaf man who starred in Spider-Man: Miles Morales to bring Haley Cooper to life.
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