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Play the new Rainbow Six Extraction trailer focusing on the Jager operator

Play the new Rainbow Six Extraction trailer focusing on the Jager operator

The Jager operator can place turrets on the ground that fire at nearby enemies and destroy all enemy missiles.

Ubisoft continues to work to prepare players for the release of Rainbow Six Extraction, releasing separate trailers focusing on each of the 18 playable operators at launch. Now, in the latest game news, we learned that Ubisoft has shared a new Operator Showcase trailer for this PvE player-focused shooter, which focuses on the Jager operator.

This Rainbow Six Extraction operator is equipped with an automatic turret that can be placed on the ground to shoot at nearby enemies and destroy all missiles fired at your team. Apparently, several automatic turrets can also be placed on the ground; So if you want to have a more defensive team, Jager is a good choice. Each map can have a random target out of 13 available targets; So there are many places to use Turret.

In the game Rainbow Six Extraction, the world has been attacked by an alien parasite called Archaeans. Members of the .REACT team must step into, eliminate, and keep threats under control of hostile alien activity centers in cities such as New York, New Mexico, Alaska, and San Francisco. Each stage of the game consists of three areas with three random targets, from rescuing the hostages to defending a specific area, the completion of which will begin the extraction. Of course, instead of doing this, you can enter another sub-area and get better and more rewards, but in practice, this also increases the degree of difficulty.

In this game, it is possible to choose from 18 different operators, each of which will have its own capabilities; From Doc therapeutic capabilities to Finka nanobots. Rainbow Six Extraction game on January 20 for Xbox One, Xbox X series platforms | The Xbox S Series , PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , PC and Google Studio will be available. This game will hit the market with a price tag of $ 40. Each version of Rainbow Six Extraction has a Buddy Pass to invite two other friends who can play with you for free for 14 days.
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