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Psychonauts 2 studio is working on several projects

Psychonauts 2 studio is working on several projects

Double Fine Studio, the creator of Psychonauts 2, is currently working on several different projects.

According to information obtained from the public fundraising campaign Fig , Double Fine Studio from the Xbox subsidiary is currently working on several projects simultaneously. The company development team, which released Psychonauts 2 earlier this year to critical acclaim and users for various platforms, has apparently now turned its attention to several new games. Journal VGC in his description of the new entry Fig wrote: "The studio is divided into several separate teams to undertake various projects."

"Here at Double Fine we are interested in trying new experiences, " reads the caption. "Each new game can be a new opportunity to discover new ideas, style of visual effects, gameplay and new emotions. " On the other hand, the work of the developers of Double Fine with the support of Psychonauts 2 is almost over. Of course, Double Fine is still working on Mac and Linux versions of Psychonauts 2, and in 2022 it will have to deliver some gifts to people who sponsored Psychonauts 2. Double Fine was acquired by Microsoft in 2019 and is part of the Xbox Gaming Studios.

Double Fine Studio game developers started making Psychonauts 2 from scratch by raising public funds. For this reason, even after the purchase of the studio by Microsoft, the game was released for various platforms. From now on, all Double Fine products will be monopolized by gaming platforms (Xbox, Windows and xCloud consoles); Just like the games of other teams that have been added to the Xbox subset in recent years. These include Hellblade 2 Ninja Theory and The Outer Worlds 2 Obsidian.

A review of Psychonauts 2 states: "Perhaps the best description for Psychonauts 2 is to say that Double Fine Studio's new creation is exactly what has made the video game industry so popular. Psychonauts 2 is literally a fun game, with elements ranging from the detailed and clever storyline to the overall process, with unparalleled variety of sweet stages and challenges in battles and platforming aspects, to the best of our 15-hour experience. "Keep the audience entertained."
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