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Release of the first trailer of Torchlight: Infinite

Release of the first trailer of Torchlight: Infinite

The first trailer of the Torchlight: Infinite mobile game was released yesterday, which shows the new characters of this series.

Chinese studio, known as the creators of popular standalone games such as Carto and Icey, has unveiled a new version of the Torchlight series. The story of this game takes place about 200 years after the events of the second version of this series, Torchlight II, and the first trailer of the game also introduces new characters in this version.

In this part of the game, humans have been able to master many spells and robots by accessing the Ember element. Players can choose their main character from the various heroes of the game at the beginning of each stage. Each of these characters will also have access to three separate skill trees that users can have eight active skills and eight automatic skills at the same time. These skills will also be personalizable and transferable.

This game is very different from previous versions of the Torchlight role-playing series, which were usually made in the style of online multiplayer ( MMORPG ), and the creators of the gameplay style have announced it as a combination of action-role-playing and hack and slash styles. There are also currently no plans to release the game on home consoles and PCs, and the Android and iOS platforms will be Torchlight: Infinite destinations at the time of release. Users can visit the game's official website to register for the game's limited beta, which according to the developers will be available soon . You can watch the first movie trailer of this game below.

Torchlight: Infinite mobile game will be released on an unspecified date for mobile platforms from 2022.
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