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Stay tuned for Hogwarts Legacy 2022 game news

Stay tuned for Hogwarts Legacy 2022 game news

Avalanche Software studio said in a tweet that in 2022, it will publish the news of Hogwarts Legacy game.

Since the introduction of Hogwarts Legacy with the release of the trailer, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Software have not shared any other details about the game other than the news of the game's delay until 2022. Of course, various unofficial reports have been published about Hogwarts Legacy. Now the creators say that in 2022, they are finally going to have new news for the fans.

Recent reports claim that the new Hogwarts Legacy trailer is ready. According to some rumors, Hogwarts Legacy was supposed to be present at The Game Awards 2021, and in the final minutes, Warner pulled the trailer out of Game Awards 2021. The same rumors said that in early 2022 we will probably see the release of the new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy at a PlayStation event.

Avalanche Software studio recently broke its silence on Hogwarts Legacy on Twitter. "We are excited to share more news and updates about Hogwarts Legacy next year," said Avalanche Software's development team as they congratulated their fans on the New Year.

Of course, the reference to next year seems vague at the moment, and now it is not clear in which month of 2022 the new trailer that the rumors claim will be released. But as soon as the developers announced the Hogwarts Legacy game, the hope for the game's release date was raised. Recently, according to a senior member of Warner Bros., the media speculated that the release date of the Hogwarts Legacy game was after April 2022 and before the end of this year. It was also recently revealed that two Sumo-owned studios are helping Avalanche Software develop Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy game on release for PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series , Xbox One and PC are released.
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