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Unveiling of the new version of the Backbone adventure game with a teaser

Unveiling of the new version of the Backbone adventure game with a teaser

The creators of the standalone game Noir and Backbone introduced the next version with a teaser.

According to the latest game news, EggNut Studio, the creator of Backbone and Raw Fury, the publisher of the game, released a teaser of the new version of the game, which will be released in 2022. The developers also point out that at the moment they can not tell fans whether the game is going to be a sequel to the first version or a prequel to it. You can watch the teaser of the introduction of the new Backbone game below.

Backbone game was released for the PC platform in June this year, and in November, the PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, Xbox X series versions | Its Xbox S Series and Xbox One have reached gamers. The story of this independent adventure game is about a detective raccoon named Howard Lauter who has to reveal some secrets in the noir and dystopian version of Vancouver.

Backbone has many sources of inspiration; From weird sci-fi noir and science fiction films to the work of directors such as David Lynch and Charlie Kaufman . Beckon is a linear experience based on cinematic narrative. The creators have put a lot of emphasis on storytelling and portraying the characters' emotions, and the gameplay of Backbone is based on exploring the environment and talking to NPCs.

Backbone has gained a lot of fans since its release. Given that the story of the first version ends in a way that paves the way for the sequel, many of these fans were curious to know if EggNut game development studio had any plans to build the next version. Of course, the developers have already emphasized that they have finished the story of the first version of Backbone. If so, the next game seems more likely to come in handy. However, we have to wait and see when the developer and publisher will fully unveil the new Backbone game.
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