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Added the horror character of the movie Ring to Dead by Daylight

Added the horror character of the movie Ring to Dead by Daylight

In the latest crossover game Dead by Daylight, the character of Sadaka from the horror movie The Ring in the form of Sadako Rising event will be added to this game next month.

The online horror game Dead By Daylight from Behavior Interactive Studios, known as Crossover with other horror series, this time adds Sadako Yamamura, the famous character from the novel Ring by Koji Suzuki , to its collection of negative characters; A terrifying character who appeared in the 1998 film The Ring, which scared many people. This character is scheduled to be added to the game by holding the Sadako Rising event on March 8, 2022 (March 6). For this purpose, the new trailer of Dead By Daylight was released to unveil this event, which you can watch below.

As mentioned, Dead By Daylight hosts many of the villainous characters in the movie and video game, most notably Resident Evil, Cheryl Mason, and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, the Demogorgon monster from Stranger Things. And pointed to the character of Jigsaw.

Members of the Behavior Interactive studio did not disclose details about Sadako's character abilities in the game. But in the trailer that aired her, we see that the horror girl in the movie Ring uses her strange abilities to be teleported to different parts of the map; To cast his curse on his victims at the right time. In general, it seems that the special abilities and movement style of Sadako's character cause a noticeable change in the usual style of Dead by Daylight horror characters . He is different from the characters who usually manage to kill the characters with knives, chainsaws and such accessories.

It should be noted that Sadako is not the only new character to be added to Dead by Daylight in this event. In fact, a new character to be chosen for the player is about to be added to the game, which is the same Yuichi Asakawa or adult version of the child who appeared in the movie The Ring directed by Hideo Nakata . Asakawa, now a marine biologist, can not get rid of the fate that lies ahead. He is still pursuing Sadako's eternal thirst for revenge. So in the final confrontation, he will stand up to his torturer.

The Sadako Rising event will be held on March 8 for all platforms supported by this game. Dead by Daylight is now available for PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS phones .
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