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Metro Exodus sales reached 6 million copies

Metro Exodus sales reached 6 million copies

Sales of 6 million copies of the game were confirmed in a new financial report from Embracer Group, the parent company of the developer and publisher of Metro Exodus.

Recently, during the latest game news, Embracer Group, as the main owner of 4A Games Studio (creator of the Metro game series) and Deep Silver Company (publisher of Metro), announced the sale of 6 million copies of Metro Exodus in a new financial report.

Embracer Group can be considered one of the quietest giants in the video game world, which owns more than 76 different studios, including Gearbox Entertainment, Koch Media team, Saber Interactive team, THQ Nordic company and more, and offers a large number of products annually . Now, in a new report that examines the company financial sector figures for the period October to December 2021, we can see the remarkable performance of Metro Exodus; A work that is considered one of the successful products of this company with the sale of 6 million copies from the release in February 2019 until today.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series versions The Xbox S series of this game were also released recently. But the Embracer Group financial report did not specify what percentage of Metro Exodus's 9th generation sales were.

Metro Exodus, the end of the Artium trilogy in the Metro world, is now available on Xbox One, Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Studio are available for gamers.
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