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The latest statistics on the number of players in the two Rainbow Six games

The latest statistics on the number of players in the two Rainbow Six games

Ubisoft says Rainbow Six Siege continues to be as strong as ever, and Rainbow Six Extraction got off to a good start.

In the latest game news, we learned that Ubisoft has released new statistics on the number of players in the Rainbow Six series. The Rainbow Six game series has long been one of Ubisoft's most lucrative works. Although the lack of a new solo version of this popular series has disappointed some fans, it can not be denied that the Rainbow Six series currently has many players and it seems that their number is increasing day by day.

Ubisoft has now shared new details about the number of players in the Rainbow Six series, according to which it does not seem that we will see the trend of increasing Rainbow Six gamers stop any time soon. As expected, Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow in player recruitment. This online shooter game has attracted 10 million new players over the past 12 months to increase the total number of players to more than 80 million.

On the other hand, the total number of Rainbow Six Extraction players since its release in late January 2022 until today has exceeded 5 million people. Of course, this number also includes players who experienced a Rainbow Six extraction by sharing a Game Pass or using a Buddy Pass by a friend. Buddy Pass allows you to invite two more friends to any Rainbow Six Extraction holder to experience Rainbow Six Extraction for free for 14 days. In any case, this game had a good start; In the first week of release, it was able to attract the attention of 3 million players.

Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction are currently available on PlayStation 5 , Xbox X series platforms | Experience the Xbox S Series , PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Of course, Google Studio users can also go for the Rainbow Six Extraction gaming experience. Rainbow Six Extraction game was able to get a score of 10.7 in Apktodown review, which we read in summary:

"Rainbow Six Extraction could have been a more fun and better experience; Of course, if Ubisoft worked more on the content and offered a more diverse experience. Meanwhile, the similar design of 12 game environments that are narrated in four different areas and its combination with the unattractive experience of playing alone or without friends, has made Rainbow Six Extraction entertain you for four to five hours at best. Slowly "Of course, if you play the game with your friends, you can create longer fun moments and have a lot of fun.
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