Astro Bot features extensive levels and capabilities

Astro Bot features extensive levels and capabilities

Team Asobi Studio has finally revealed their new game at Sony's State of Play event, introducing the latest installment in the Astro series, Astro Bot. Unlike Astro’s Playroom, which was complimentary for PlayStation 5 buyers, Astro Bot is a full-fledged game featuring diverse and extensive levels designed to captivate players.

Expansive Gameplay

The Astro Bot reveal trailer initially promised over 50 unique and exciting levels, but the latest update on the PlayStation blog has increased this number to over 80 levels. These levels span six galaxies, each showcasing a segment of Astro's adventure to reunite with his friends. Players can explore these vast worlds and enjoy a wide variety of challenges and environments.

Innovative Abilities and Companions

Astro Bot introduces 15 new abilities that allow Astro to transform the DualSense controller into various forms, such as a spaceship for intergalactic travel. Additionally, players can team up with the robotic space dog, Barkster, who assists in overcoming obstacles and battling enemies. 

New Tools and Features

Among the new tools in Astro Bot are the Twin-Frog gloves, enabling longer attacks on enemies, and the Giant Sponge, which allows Astro to transform into a large, sponge-like figure. These tools, along with full integration of the DualSense controller’s features, provide a deeply immersive gaming experience.

Release Information

Astro Bot will be available for PlayStation 5 players on September 6, 2024. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Astro and discover all the new levels and features that await.

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